I sold the 1969 E33A Bonanza


have miscellaneous parts and equipment


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6 Tempest URHB32E spark plugs new in sealed tubes $120.00 Sold
1 Champion RHB32E spark plug new in sealed tube $20.00
1 Tempest AA48109 Oil Filter new $18.00
1 Champion 48109-1 Oil Filter new $18.00
2 Rapco RA1J4-6 Canister Filters new $20.00 ea
1 Rapco RA1J4-7 Canister Filter new $20.00
1 Brackett BA 7112 Filter new $9.00
Grimes A-2064-12 Tail fixture/position light used $40.00
2 Grimes A-7079B-12 14v 40w lamp new $15.00 ea
1 Universal 14v 50w lamp PN 1-01958 Replaces WRM1940 new
for Whelen rotating beacon
1 GE 4522 14 v 250w lamp (landing light) new $17.00
1 GE 4313 14 v 250w lamp (taxi light) new $15.00
Case (12 quarts) of Exxon Elite Aviation Oil $70.00 Pick up only at W29 (Stevensville, MD)
Case (10 qts Exxon Elite Aviation Oil & 2 qts Aeroshell 15/50) $60.00 Pick up only at W29 (Stevensville, MD)
1 Whelen Power Supply Model # HDA-CF-14/28 PN A413A
used as removed
$100.00 Sold
Milwaukee Red 14-18 volt Li-Ion charger. $25.00 Plumly
Plumly IO520 horsepower computer $50.00 Plumly Sold
Aircraft power supply jumper cables with Beech plug $50.00 Wing Cover
Good 3-blade Spinner With Matching Backing Plate
Off E33A Bonanza with IO520BB matched set
$400.00 Spinner&backingplate
Bonanza wing and tail covers $200.00 Wing & Tail Covers Sold
3-blade insulated propeller cover
If you are preheating, the prop is a hugh heat sink.
$125.00 Propeller Cover Sold
Winslow 40 M two person life raft $250.00 Winslow Life Raft