1969 E33A Bonanza

1969 E33A Total Time Since New 4438.7 hrs (10-8-16)
IO-520BB with 1038.3 hrs (10-8-16) on factory remanufactured engine
3-Blade McCauley propeller 1118.1 hrs SMOH (10-8-16)

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Right Side N2255A Left Side N2255A
Left Side N2255A Right Side N2255A

Primary Panel N2255A Full Panel N2255A Full Panel N2255A
Primary Panel N2255A Full Panel N2255A Navigation Stack N2255A

Right SideEngine N2255A Left SideEngine N2255A
Right Side Engine N2255A Left Side Engine N2255A
Front Seats N2255A Rear Seats & Hat Rack N2255A Rear Seats & Hat Rack N2255A
Front Seats N2255A Rear Seats N2255A Baggage Compartment N2255A

N2255A Equipment List

Avionics    Engine    Extras

Garmin GNS 430W WAAS
   (coupled to Sandel EFIS)
   D'Shannon baffles    Guardian electric standby pressure system
Sandel EFIS & moving map    GAMI injectors    Silver Instruments fuel computer
Garmin GNS 400W WAAS
   (coupled to NSD360)
   Alcor 6 probe EGT    PS PM1000 4 place intercom
Narco Mark 12D with GS
   (coupled to NSD360)
   EI 6 probe CHT    Electric trim on yoke with automatic trim
when on autopilot
NSD360 HSI    Eaton annunciators    STEC 60 disconnect on pilot's yoke
King KR87 ADF          Push to talk switch on both yokes
King KT-76A transponder    Weights & Loads

   Kollsman altimeter & blind encoder
King KMA-24 audio panel    Gross weight 3300 lb    Dual yoke and dual rudder pedals.
WX-900 stormscope    Empty weight 2142.66 lb
(Including 10 qts oil
& 6 gals unusable fuel)
   80 gallon fuel tanks (74 usable)
Century IIB autopilot
   coupled to the GNS 430W,
   GNS 400W and the Narco 12D
   Useful load 1157.34 lbs    Complete strip and paint 2002. Paint is a 9.
STEC PSS 60 altitude hold
   with GS capture & vertical speed
   Full fuel useful load 713.34 lbs    Interior 9 (Oxford Aviation) 1994
3-light marker beacon    Useful load with 50 gals 857.34 lbs    Complete logs and ADs
         June annual

VGs are available including a 100 lb gross weight increase
Gross weight 3400 lbs,    Useful load 1257.34 lbs,    Full fuel useful load 813.34 lb

Essentially the aircraft has two separate navigation systems that are selected with the push of a button:

The first and primary system is electric comprised of the GNS 430W
and the Sandel plus, of course, the KR87 ADF.

The second is pressure based and consists of the NSD-360 and
the GNS 400W and the Narco Mark 12D with glide slope.
The GNS 400W or Mk-12D are selected by the push of a button.
The KR87 ADF completes the system.

Add a B&C standby alternator and you have complete redundency.

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