David F. Rogers & J. Alan Adams

WCB/McGraw-Hill, 1990, ISBN 0-07-053529-9, 611 pages


The second edition of this classic computer graphics book represents a major rewrite. The clear concise discussion, the detailed algorithms, worked examples and numerous illustrations make the book of special interest to students, programmers and computer graphics professionals. The numerous detailed worked examples make it especially suitable for self-study. The first edition of the book, published in 1976, was one of the earliest computer graphics books. That first edition is still a staple on the bookshelves of many of the pioneers in computer graphics.

The book thoroughly covers two- and three-dimensional transformations including rotation, scaling, translation, reflection, rotation about arbitrary points and axes, reflection about arbitrary lines and through arbitrary planes and points at infinity. Plane and space curves including efficient methods for representing conic sections, cubic splines, parabolically blended, Bezier and rational and non-rational B-spline (NURBS) curves are discussed. The discussion of surfaces includes surfaces of revolution, sweep surfaces, ruled and developable surfaces, Coons surfaces, Bezier and rational and non-rational B-splines (NURBS) surfaces. As with all the topics in the book, the discussion of both rational and non-rational B-spline curves and surfaces is accompanied by numerous detailed worked examples.

The appendices contain over 50 pseudocoded algorithms including over 25 algorithms for Bezier and B-spline curves and surfaces.


The image on the front cover shows a sphere generated using a non-rational (NURBS) surface and its defining polygonal net.


David F. Rogers is a computer graphics pioneer with nearly 30 years of experience He is also an aeronautical engineer and Professor of Aerospace Engineering at the U.S. Naval Academy. He has written four textbooks including Procedural Elements for Computer Graphics and edited several additional volumes. His books have been translated into six languages. He has published over 50 technical papers in computer graphics and aeronautics. Author's short biography

J. Alan Adams is Professor Emeritus of Mechanical Engineering at the U.S. Naval Academy. His most recent computer aided design interests center around cinematic simulation and geometric modeling. He is the co-author of two other engineering texts, Computer Aided Heat Transfer Analysis with David F. Rogers and Descriptive Geometry and Geometric Modeling with the late Leon M. Billow. While on sabbatical he studied in England with the Computer Aided Design Group at Cambridge University during the early days of Bezier and B-spline curve and surface developement. He also studied with the Center for Computer Assisted Engineering at Colorado State University.


Procedural Elements for Computer Graphics, 2nd Edition
The revision of the first edition of this classical text covers raster scan graphics, clipping, visible line and surface algorithms, and rendering including illumination models transparency, shadows, texture, ray tracing, radiosity, color and color reproduction.


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