An Introduction to NURBS


David F. Rogers

Solutions Manual

Gathered here are the solutions to the problems in An Introduction to NURBS, With Historical Perspective. The solutions are given in two forms: by individual chapter and the entire solution manual. Each is a Portable Document File (.pdf). Two different versions of each file are provided - one optimized for screen viewing and the other optimized for printing. The files optimized for printing are quite a bit larger than those optimized for screen viewing, but they look better when printed.

The chapter by chapter files are provided so that if you are a professor and have adopted the book as a course text, you can assign problems in a particular chapter and then reveal the solutions chapter by chapter without compromising the solutions in later chapters.

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You may view or download individual chapters or the entire solution manual. To view the files click on the appropriate chapter (or the complete solutions manual) in the left hand column for the screen optimized .pdf files or the right hand column for the print optimized .pdf files. You will need at least Adobe Acrobat Reader 3 to view the files.

If you don't have at least Acrobat Reader 3 you can download the latest version free here.

Table of Contents

Screen Optimized (.pdf)          Print Optimized (.pdf)
Chapter 2 (166k)    Bezier Curves    Chapter 2 (506k)
Chapter 3 (246k)    B-spline Curves    Chapter 3 (678k)
Chapter 4 (148k)    Rational B-spline (NURBS) Curves    Chapter 4 (547k)
Chapter 5 (122k)    Bezier Surfaces    Chapter 5 (483k)
Chapter 6 (178k)    B-spline Surfaces    Chapter 6 (577k)
Chapter 7 (166k)    Rational B-spline (NURBS) Surfaces    Chapter 7 (566k)
Complete (500k)    Complete Solution Manual    Complete (1,830k)

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